Finally Together

Hola Readers,

I am so excited to finally gather our tiny family together. Yeay! *fireworks and shining stars*  FYI, I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl somewhere earlier in September 2012. God knows how perfect and precious she is!

I then took 3 months of maternity leave. Given the fact my superior is a German, 3 months maternity leave is a piece of cake to approve *hip hip hoorayy*. He once told me in Germany, they allow their employee to take maternity leave up to 1 year! (Okay start applying job in Germany now. Haha)

So, I finish my 3 months confinement back at my hometown (greatest place of all time), Labu or precisely Kg. Jerengkang. It was a tremendous experiences for me bonding with my baby. It’s just the two of us everyday. Unfortunately, my hubby got to work and he’ll only be back during weekends. Pity him only get to bond with our baby on the weekends. *But mummy also misses daddy so much. wink wink*

And….when my maternity leave is almost over, we started to worry about our baby. Who is gonna take care of her while we are at work. How to ensure she is in good hands, safe, and surrounds with love just like we did in the past 3 months of my confinement period. And the list of worries goes on and on and on…*overprotected mommy mode on drastically*.

In the other hand, my in laws have already look for a nanny to babysit our baby. They expected me to send my baby to the babysitter soon I start to return to work. Okay thats another set of story which I will write some other time. *yeke?*

After few (SEVERAL actually) discussions made with my hubby and family, we decided to leave our baby back at my hometown while we are working. Means my grandma and my aunt will babysit her throughout the weekdays and we will come back on Friday to meet her. God knows how I felt and crying (crying my heart out!) not to have her around with me especially at night. Poor hubby he has to comfort crying BIG baby me for several nights until I feel stable and “normal” again. Haha.. And if you are wondering about my grandma’s ability to babysit my baby, YES SHE IS! She is around 70+ and still fit! Believe it or not! Mencangkul, laundry, dishes, bla bla .. you named it! So, case closed. Although it was really heartbreaking not having my baby around, but at least we know she is in a good hands and it is our family.

Time flies and now my baby turns 6 months old already. We have started introducing her to solid *battle of solid feeding. tell me about it!!!!* since she was 5 months plus. We thought she is ready since she is always eyeing on our food and make us feel guilty every time we want to have our meal. Haha. It was our initial planned to take her back with us when she started her solid. With this she will consume less milk and to lessen our worried, we believe the chances of milk choked is less. *overprotected and always worried mommy you’ve got there!*

We have already looked for the babysitter. Although my hubby and I have met the babysitter and surveying her place, the worried mommy feeling will never fade inside me. There are so many Hows, What Ifs inside my head. But I believe, Allah and all His Angels are there to take care of my baby, right? Furthermore, we feel comfortable and quickly clicked with the babysitter in our first meeting.

So, thats my rambling about us being back together under one roof. *hip hip hooray*

Till then,

Much Love.


Thats us when my baby was 2 days old. 🙂

What to Write?

Dear Readers,

I thought writing will be much easier but apparently it is not! When I first plan to start writing, there are so many things in my head that I want to share with you. Came to my surprise, when my cute lil fingers (NOT) are ready, I just went….BLUR. EMPTY. Could not think of any ideas or topic I want to start with.

There are so many topics being meander in my head hence nothing (still) text appeared. Why larr?????

I just could not start any topic. Believe me it took me hours by just staring at the monitor! Somehow, slowly, I realized even this rambling (which obviously) IS A POST itself. Hahahaha *boo me* for pretending like there is nothing to write initially.

Given that I, myself is a TALKATIVE type, I (strongly) believe there will be more writing in this blog in the future. InsyaAllah. Do support me by keep reading my post okay? *cutie pie face plus wink wink*

My Very First Blog Posting

Salam readers (bajet dah ade reader ngeh3)..

I am now officially a devoted writer to this blog. I was inspired to start blogging since forever but time really envy my day. Now, being a mom to a wonderful daughter has inspired me more to blog just to share my experience of motherhood with you guys out there. Also, it is a medium for me to learn from others’ experiences too.

So, hola and keep reading k!